Uranium Eyre Portfolio

After its IPO in 2007, Lincoln Minerals established a substantial portfolio of uranium projects across the Eyre Peninsula.

Its extensive landholdings on Eastern Eyre Peninsula tap into the diverse uranium mineralisation styles seen in this province. The company’s strategic locations enable exploration of a variety of prospective targets, ranging from saprolitic and palaeochannel-hosted mineralisation in the northern sections to basement-hosted mineralisation along significant polyphase regional structures to the east. These structures interact with the uranium-rich hot Hiltaba Suite granites, further enhancing mineralisation prospects.

Additionally, to the south, Lincoln Minerals tenement areas include potential for primary mineralisation hosted at unconformities and within major mylonitic shear zones, closely associated with the Lincoln Complex. This breadth of geological settings allows Lincoln to leverage multiple exploration targets across a variety of geology, highlighting the unique geological features of the Eyre Peninsula, positioning Lincoln Minerals to effectively explore these varied sources of uranium mineralisation.

Lincoln’s uranium has multiple highly prospective uranium targets across its existing tenement portfolio on Eyre Peninsula2

  • Highlights from historic work include:
    • Jungle Dam – intersected up to 570 ppm U in scout drilling;
    • Carinya – historic drill hole KA 4 intersected up to 350 ppm U near contact with intrusive granite;
    • Carinya and White Flat – field mapping graded up to 1,088 ppm U using portable Niton XRF analysis southwest of KA 4 along the regional radiometric trend;
    • Carinya and White Flat – (Yallunda area) – airborne radiometric data reveals over 100 ppm eU across a significant area of Lincoln’s southern tenements.
  • Improved geo-scientific data expected to significantly aid targe identification on LML owned and adjacent tenement areas.
  1. World Nuclear Association – https://www.world-nuclear.org/information-library/country-profiles/countries-a-f/australia.aspx
  2. Historic uranium drill intercept up to 570 ppm (Lincoln Minerals Limited ASX release 09 April 2024)

Jungle Dam

Uranium are palaeochannel hosted, similar to Alligator Energy’s (ASX: AGE) Samphire Project, 40km northeast. Drilling intersected up to 570 ppm U.

Location of Lincoln’s historical aircore drill holes

Carinya – White Flat

These projects involve exploring shear zone related mineralisation along the Lincoln complex and Peter Pan suite. KA 4 intersected up to 350 ppm U.

Uranium Radiometric airborne survey

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